Hole renovation

By grading the hole to remove the hill on the tee side of the landing area, from the fenceline to the cart path, we could open the sightline from the tee. 

  • recontour the fairway to the right
  • cut back the forested area to the right of the current drainage culvert and move the cart path to the right
  • extend the fairway to the right up the hill toward the green
  • extend the pond to the right so it creates a hazard on the left side of the fairway
  • grade the fairway to slope toward the center of the fairway, away from the pond's edge to direct shots that land short of the water away from the pond
  • remove trees short of the existing pond during the grading of the left rough to match the new grade of the fairway
  • remove a row of trees from the pond to the green to give a clear sightline to the green from the pond
  • add irrigation outlet to be able to maintain a minimum depth to the pond

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