The location of the trap and contouring of the fairway has been a pet peeve of mine since the reconstruction of the hole. Currently, the trap does nothing to challenge the accuracy of the longer hitter. The average player is penalized for a straight tee shot as he has great difficulty clearing the bunker. If the player aims left of the trap, they are penalized as the ball typically runs through into the rough and possibly into the trees. The short hitter faces the trap as a potential obstacle on his or her 2nd shot.

  • Move trap further down the fairway 
  • elongate the trap back toward the tee to retain the penalty for shots hit to the right for average hitters
  • Recontour fairway to the left opening landing area for average length player
  • Provide greater challenge for longer hitter
  • plant a target specimen in the left rough adding definition to the tee shot 

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